Do you want to run a
business from the
comfort of your home?

Do you want to make some
extra money or replace
your current "job"?

Introduce the Best Gourmet Candles in the Worldto every Candle Lover out there.

3 Different Ways to Make Money...

  • Retail - home parties, craft fairs, gift baskets and more

  • Fundraising - provide organizations with a unique and profitable fundraiser
  • Team Building - sponsor others who also want to earn extra money
Unlimited possibilities just by joining our Candle of the Month program. Our Candle of The Month program is a unique club which allows members to receive a brand new fragrance

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every single month. As a member you can purchase any of our products at the wholesale price and resell them for
significant profit! And you can earn commissions by introducing others to our program! Each new Candle of The Month package includes the following:
(1) 16oz. Jar Candle
(1) Dozen 2.5oz. Votives
(1) Soy Bath Bar
(1) Company website

Our candles sell themselves!

Request more informationNOW and get all
the details about this fantastic opportunity!

Interesting Facts About Our Candles

  • Soy/Veg Candles are a cleaner burning alternative

  • With lead-free (cotton wicks)
  • Triple Scented
  • Over 90 Realistic Scents
  • Candles that Burn Evenly from top to bottom
  • Soy/Veggie candles burn 50% longer than other candles and
  • The cost that is comparable with other Gourmet Candles, but...You get so much more!

Start for Under $50.
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Build a small part time business or one that
supports your family!

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To build your future, what can you invest?

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